Fact: “the constant presence of our physical nature will result in the depletion of the limiting initial surface large explosion”

Logical Reasoning: As a result of this initial layer torn up the balance in disturbed indoor stationary wave is transformed into a stationary wave is not closed, this wave into a wave movement that resulted in intergalactic interplanetary and hit each other until a disaster occurs that can not be avoided. The next events will be the consolidation of our physical nature to the older physical nature, because of the physical nature of the laminated outer layer which occurs earlier than the deeper layers. Until the big bang events in nature as a whole is repeated for each of the physical nature of his time. Chances are there 6 times the explosion, so there are six layers of different physical, where the original constant all physical nature different in the layer previously not mentioned the incident is from the big bang and the universe is a regulator of the physical nature of physical nature that others

Fact: “The distances between stars are moving away from each other in a certain time period with growing speed”

Logical Reasoning: The distance between the star has suggested that such behavior was thrown over a big explosion at the birth of the universe. All celestial bodies at that time but not yet shaped material is a candidate material so that it can move with the speed of billions or even trillions of times the speed of light, where time and space are still developing at the time

Fact: “Media room air carriage proton electron (magnitude) forming stationary waves confined”

Logical Reasoning: Then, in the free space outside the protons electrons will be the same which air carriage (magnitude) form a stationary wave is also closed so that the position of each object in the sky will occupy a stationary wave form enclosed with a wavelength that is huge. But there is also another conclusion which has the form of a stationary sky space open (not closed), so that they organize and develop the theory of strings

Fact: “Electrons never fall into the center of its circulation”

The logic:

Remember the leather ball shaped stationary waves closed, proprietary nature resulting in ball radius is constant and equal to the peak wavelength of the original number = N. Leather-coated ball of this kind (also plated the original number). From this fact means that the electron is shaped like a spherical shell that change shape into closed or stationary waves to eliminate the material properties of electrons moving at the speed of light, thus: “Electrons never fall into the center of its circulation”

How, agree ???

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