Fact: “the constant presence of our physical nature will result in the depletion of the limiting initial surface large explosion”

Logical Reasoning: As a result of this initial layer torn up the balance in disturbed indoor stationary wave is transformed into a stationary wave is not closed, this wave into a wave movement that resulted in intergalactic interplanetary and hit each other until a disaster occurs that can not be avoided. The next events will be the consolidation of our physical nature to the older physical nature, because of the physical nature of the laminated outer layer which occurs earlier than the deeper layers. Until the big bang events in nature as a whole is repeated for each of the physical nature of his time. Chances are there 6 times the explosion, so there are six layers of different physical, where the original constant all physical nature different in the layer previously not mentioned the incident is from the big bang and the universe is a regulator of the physical nature of physical nature that others

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